4 reasons why you should buy a segway

4 reasons why you should buy a segway

You must have seen kids, celebrities, and even your 50-year-old neighbor ride it through the lanes. They are the newest addiction. They are Segways.

Segways are great if you want to reach your destination in a green and fuel efficient way. Segways will never even get stuck in the long line of car traffic you usually get stuck on your way to work. Not only will it help you look really cool on the road, but you can also be assured that you will smoothly reach your destination.

Still not convinced? You will want to buy a Segway after these top practical reasons to buy a Segway:

#1. Getting around in this geek machine is easy:

This green mobile is meant to make living and travel faster, efficient and lighter on your pocket. A Segway has been proven to cut fuel costs with well plotted-routes, something that is a hurdle in your car or van. If you love shopping and struggle to find a parking spot even at the closest grocery shop, buying a Segway will make the task easy. You can finally bid goodbye to the fight to finding a proper parking space and simply ride your way in your own Segway.

A Segway reaching 10 miles per hour is everything you needed to reach your work in top condition without having to look like a sweaty mess from cycling to work. Are you interested in buying a segway now?

#2. Your personal caddy:

Love golfing, but not spending a huge buck in hiring a personal caddy to transport your equipment? Well, the Segway can do it all for you. You can quickly and efficiently ride in your Segway with all your golfing equipment. Some brands of Segways come with their equipment pouch you can use to store your golf sticks.

Quit hiring a personal caddy every time you go golfing and wow everyone with your newest and energy efficient caddy.

#3. A safe alternative to walking:

Are you in bed with a broken leg? Has the doctor prescribed you not to walk long distances? Does your work require excessive walking but it tires you? Segways are a great alternative for you in such cases. Of course, you should not replace walking with the Segway completely, but if you buy a Segway, it will give you some relief if you cannot walk for long distances but have to for work or otherwise.

#4. It’s green:

Each Segway goes through a stern environment test before reaching you. Rest assured the whole principle the Segway works on is very useful and environmentally friendly. Your Segway will not burn gas and emit possibly harmful gases into the environment. Segways mostly run on electricity, battery or solar energy. It’s all green. If you love going green, you should buy a Segway already.

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