Tips to improve the life of your hoverboard

increase hoverboard life

Tips to improve the life of your hoverboard

A couple of years ago, hoverboards were voted the best mobility device in 2016. Many famous people have been spotted riding a hoverboard and this is adding a lot to the popularity of the hoverboards. If you already own a hoverboard, congratulations are in order because you have chosen wisely. Here we present some tips on maintaining your hoverboard in peak condition and looking at its very best. Read on.

  • The wheels: The wheels are the most important part of the hoverboard. Over a period of time debris starts to accumulate on the wheels and this can hamper the efficiency of the hoverboard. Clean the wheels on a regular basis to get the best out of your hoverboard, time and again. Remember that the wheels are connected to the motor and debris accumulation will result in decreased efficiency and functional appeal.
  • The batteries: Hoverboards are powered by lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable. The efficiency and the durability of the battery will depend on the manner in which they are cared for. When the hoverboard is unpacked it is recommended that it be on charge mode for at least 2 hours. It is also wise to charge the batteries fully before storing them away. Since it takes but a couple of hours, charging can be done effectively.
  • Cleaning the board: The hoverboard is made up of multi-layered fiberboard. This surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly for it to keep on looking its elegant best. Just like the wheels of the hoverboard, dirt can cause significant hampering of the inner components especially the sensitive chipset and the sensor. If you are storing away your hoverboard for some time, give it a good old rub down to keep its appearance shiny and new.
  • Cooling down: Hoverboards, if used for extended periods of time, will become warm and heated up. You should, after a long run, give your hoverboard time to cool down. This will help the hoverboard to retain the efficiency of inner components like the sensors and the battery. As the hoverboard cools down, it should not be plugged into the wall socket.
  • Pedal care: With long periods of enthusiastic use the pedals on the hoverboard can become loose, thus making it difficult to control your hoverboard. It is important to get the hoverboard checked by a consummate professional who knows what he is doing.
  • Storage: If you and the family are going on a holiday or trip for an extended period of time, it is recommended that the hoverboard be packed in a carry bag and stored in a cool and dry place away from moisture. This will help to maintain the hoverboard at its best.

As the hoverboard owner, doing these checks and procedures can ensure that you are in possession of well- maintained hoverboards. Please note that if you cannot fix your hoverboard and need some help have a look at our Hoverboard repairs services. Follow the above tips to secure the life and look of your trusty hoverboard. By following the above instructions and tips, you can enjoy your hoverboard for long years to come without any hiccups, stresses or strains. Proper maintenance means a long life for your hoverboard, so go for it.

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