Your ultimate balancing board or Hoverboard buying guide

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Your ultimate balancing board or Hoverboard buying guide

One of the coolest inventions of this generation can be safely accredited to the balancing board or Hoverboard. You can say the balancing board is like the best gift humanity has ever received regarding technology. A hoverboard or a balancing board has been the leading cause of craze amongst kids of all ages. With celebrities roaming around in this seemingly small two wheeled vehicles, it’s common for you to Google this latest craze and try to find some cheap hoverboards for you or your kids. Now before you get into buying one of these bad boys, you might have gone through the how-tos of this new cool vehicle. On a hoverboard, you control the direction, the way in which the vehicle will go by the shifting the weight of your body on top of the platform. If you wish to move forward, you need to lean yourself forward, carefully and the platforms will sense your movement and move in the direction you lean.

Now that you are well versed with what balancing boards are, you must be wanting to have a go at it. Here’s your ultimate guide to buying a balancing board:

Where can I purchase a balancing board?

So, you’re already hooked on to this craze and want to try it out for yourself or your family. While the balancing board has made its presence felt for quite some time now, it’s not too late for you to buy one of these bad boys. There are some online retail outlets where you can purchase a balancing board from. But if you are looking to bag a sweet deal on balancing boards, Australia Hoverboards is your one stop shop for all your balancing board needs. At Australia Hoverboard we never compromise with quality and bring to you the best balancing board we have at groundbreaking prices.

Will it burn a hole in my pocket?

Technology does not come cheap. Mainly because of the equipment and the work that gets put in to make each of these balancing boards. The price of your balancing board mainly depends on factors such as build, brand, design, and model. That being said, not all balancing board will burn a hole in your pocket. These green machines also come with cheap model variations you can opt for if your budget is low. Although there is no standard price range to these eco equipment, you can assume it to be around $500.

Is it safe to ride?

A better alternative to this question would be, ‘Is it going to explode and burn my house down?’. The answer to this would be ‘No,’ not unless you repeatedly keep throwing it against the wall or throw it in the pool. However, there have been some reports of certain cheap variations of balancing board exploding due to an overheated battery. You should opt for a balancing board having a brand name attached to it. You should go through the specs and study it well before making a purchase, and if the deal you’re looking at looks almost too good to be real, chances are it’s true.

Is it safe for kids and outdoor use?

Riding your balancing board outside will depend on the country you live in and the rules and regulations they have for such type of vehicles. For example, if you live in the U.K you cannot ride your balancing board on the road or the sidewalks. Whereas if you live in California, you can ride your balancing board in bike lanes and pathways.

It’s advisable you go through the local rules before you take your wheel outside to prevent any embarrassing bans.

balancing board is safe for kids. But it’s better you don’t let them ride it unsupervised. You should also opt for models whose speed won’t go beyond 5Mph and those having very large wheels as they make the vehicle easier to maneuver.

That’s it! You know the tricks to bag the best balancing board. All you need now is a balancing board to flaunt and practice your skills on. We at Australia Hoverboards have you covered. We bring you the best hoverboards at the most affordable prices.

Look around at our products, and we are sure you will find the best fit!