Gold Hoverboards



Do you love to bask in the royal, extravagant and abundant shades of the golden color? Then you will certainly fall in instant love with these special hoverboards by Australia Hoverboards. The golden color offers extra-rich glamour and charisma to your self balancing scooter and when you ride it on the roads it makes you look like a victorious king riding his chariot on the streets of his royal kingdom!

The rich and fabulously glittering golden color itself can be one of the most alluring perks that many hoverboarding fans will be eager to hold. Beneath their outer shimmer and glow, these beauties on wheels offer rich features that make them high-performance modern-day wonders that have the capability to meet the dreamiest of your self-transportation desires with ease, poise and grace.  

When it comes to performance these beast of a machine are capable of lifting a heavy-weight person of up to 120 kg. And they won’t just lift him but will also carry him effortlessly on even rough roads up to a distance of 20 km without asking for any more charging of their high-power Lithium batteries.

They come with LED lights facility for night riding and also Bluetooth connectivity for offering a melodious riding experience to their proud master. The added free perks of a high-quality charger and a beautiful blue carry bag makes it an absolute must-have hoverboard.