Hoverboards Graffiti



Looking for a funky, fun, colorful and trendy looking hoverboard for yourself of your young kids or teenagers, then graffiti hoverboards by the Australia Hoverboards is the without a doubt the perfect choice for you. These hoverboards the undisputed head-turners as their extravagant design and bright and complex color-combination is what makes them stand out in the crowd. The heavily patterned and colorful outer appearance is so attractive and attention-pulling that kids and teenagers instantly fall in love with this hoverboard whenever they put their sight on them.

These scooters are similar to chameleons in a way as they have a thick pattern of mixed colors that looks like a camouflage color – hence also called as camouflage hoverboards. The heavily mixed combination of the zig-zig patches of the blues, reds, yellows, greens, etc. make them attractive to youngsters who love such trendy and unusual combinations rather than the common plain colors.

The features of these multi-colored self-balancing scooters are equally varied and wonderful. They come in 8 inches and 10 inches varieties according to their wheel size. The high-end technology of sensory control over the balance and movement of the scooter makes it an automatized companion on the roads as it takes care of complex commands like moving forward, backward or turning around with ease, efficiency, and accuracy.

Whether you are a young skinny kid or a heavily built adult of 120 kg, you will be comfortably carried by the strong hoverboard. Your batteries don’t need repeated charging as you can go up to 20 km without any further recharging. The safety alarm system warns you of speed-limit and thus keeps you safe from accidents.

When not in use, just wrap your colorful beauty in the free carry bag available with it and set your eyes on your next riding destination.