Stunt scooters



These stunt scooters by Australia Hoverboards will surely bring out the adventurous child in you. These slender and trendy scooters are dream come true for one and all!  These 100 cm portable scooters are designed for adventurous and fun-loving people of all ages, so no matter what your age is, just hop on and take the ride!

The jet black body of the scooter is made of a sturdy and shiny carbon fiber material. It has an attractive-looking, lean design with sharp features that makes it look like a dynamic little powerhouse of a scooter that will blaze your way through the roughest of roads.

The slim and trim body makes sure that the scooter faces the least amount of resistance from the air helping it dart through the streets with an astounding maximum speed of 25 km/hr. Of course, like all of our smart self-balancing scooters we have set an alarm to alert you when you exceed 12 km/hr speed limit. This makes sure that younger riders and new learners stay safe.

The elongated handle makes it easy to have full control over the direction and balance of your stunt scooter. You can turn it in your desired direction with effortless ease to steer your way through the most challenging twists and turns. The tiny wheels are light and sturdy to take you through all sorts of abnormal and obnoxious road and whether conditions with ease. You can trust on your scooter for carrying a maximum of 125kg load and once charged, it will take you up to 20 km.

Along with Bluetooth connectivity to tap into your favorite music, you will also get a free carry bag for your stunt scooter.