Trick Scooters


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Trick scooters are the smallest of scooters that are made to bring the adventurous spirit out of any scooter lover, be it kids or teenagers! If you want to have the best time of your life, then watch the kids swift and glide along on the streets or doing bunny hops on these tiny beauties. It is a pleasure even to watch the agility and enthusiasm of young riders when zoom around on this little baby. Buying them the finest varieties of trick scooters by Australia Hoverboards will certainly be one of the best things you will do for your growing dare-devils.

Trick scooters are a variation of electric self-balancing scooters that are meant for a more fun-filled and adventurous ride. These smartly designed and very slender and elegant looking scooters are primarily enjoyed by youngsters who love to flaunt their riding skills by exhibiting different riding stunts and tricks on their scooters in skate parks. The breathtaking turning and flipping and bunny-hops on their light-weight trick scooters are a treat to watch for the onlookers.

Available in different models and in black, white, red and gold colors, these mini-marvels are deceptively strong. Don’t go on their petite outlook as they can comfortably handle a load of up to 120 kg and speed through the road at a maximum of 25 km/hr.   

Since these are made primarily for trick riding and not so much for self-transportation, they have a long steering handle for better control and tiny wheels to allow swifter movements while twisting, turning or hopping. With a net weight of less than 10 kg, they are super light to handle and lift above the ground.

These foldable trick scooters come with various essential accessories needed for stunt riding including a helmet and pairs of elbow and knee guards.

Buying a trick scooter is a great way to bring more fun and adventure to your kids’ lives.