White Hoverboards



White hoverboards have a unique look that is soothing and refreshing - just like a white cloud floating on the backdrop of a blue sky. For those, who love the simple and clean beauty of the white color, these special hoverboards by Australia Hoverboards is going to be a perfect choice. Whether you want to possess it to commute to your office or just want to enjoy an evening ride on the streets or footpath, your white self-balancing scooter will make your look smart and elegant.

Best hoverboards have this ability to carry a sizeable amount of weight on their backs. Your beautiful white fairy may look delicate from the outside, but will surprise you by effortlessly carrying 120 kg on her strong board without complaining. The broad footboard and the sturdy wheels are strong enough to keep you feeling comfortable even on uneven paths.

The street-smart self-balancing scooter is equipped with automatized balancing system that will take the burden of controlling your ride to a great extent. The powerful CPU keeps it alert to minutes of sensory input from the rider to keep her adjusting her balance and direction keeping you on the right track.

You can pat on your back for doing a great favor to the environment by using a hoverboard for your commuting. You will use zero fuel and thus cause no pollution. The scooter has rechargeable batteries that take you up to a distance of 20 km once they are fully charged.

The white beauty will keep you entertained by playing the music of your choice as it has Bluetooth connectivity. Make sure that you use the free carry bag that comes bundled with your product so that your white coloured scooter stays looking as new and clean as it was when you bought it.