Testimonial 1: Best gift ever!!!

So, I got this hoverboard as gift on my birthday last month and was little reluctant about using it. But, at last, I thought to give it a try last week and I am extremely pleased with the product. My main concerns with the product were the safety and durability. As far as safety is concerned, it is absolutely safe to ride on if the instructions in the manual are followed well. As advertised, the hoverboard self-balances and stands straight as soon as the power button is turned on. The smart balancing technology is a great help and helps you for an easy mount by automatically levelling the hover board.

Riding on these skater boards requires some coordination and skills. But, after practicing for a day or two, I was able to ride on it successfully. You can always checkout YouTube videos online to learn some tips to ride them pretty quickly. So, I am loving this product and the speed is good too. Cruising at around 8 to 10 mph is quite a fun ride and gives you a feel that you are on a motor speedway. Charging is not an issue at all and gives you a good backup of about an hour on one charge.

Testimonial 2: Quality product..

I bought this skater board last week and I am really amazed by the quality of this product. The boards look really nice and elegant and are very easy to ride on. The best thing about the board is that it can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and all your music can be played on the hoverboard speakers while riding on. The product description told that it can take a weight up to 200 lbs and it was moving very swiftly and quickly with me on it. This hoverboard is not at all bulky at all in comparison to the similar products in market. It might take couple of days for you to get a hand on it otherwise you are good to go. Charging a full battery took me around 90 minutes in which I rode around 15 kms i.e. about 1.5 hours which was pretty awesome. My neighbour’s son wanted to give it a try and he completely loved the whole experience. The quality is top class and the design is stylish. The all I can say is that I am just loving this product.

Testimonial 3: The best hoverboard ever…..

So, before I start I would like to tell that I have used two hoverboards of different brand previously But, I have not seen a hoverboard with this much safety, durability and quality. It is totally a fun and easy experience to ride on this board for all the age groups.

Operating this hoverboard is pretty easy. Its self-balancing mode automatically turns on as soon as you step on it and put your weight on it. You need to relax and trust the hoverboard and it will self-balance itself as soon as power is turned on. It may take a few tries to get a hold of the product but after that you will have a smooth ride.

The quality of the hoverboard is impressive. The design is splendid and well built. Also, the price that I paid for the product was pretty reasonable in comparison to the quality what I am getting. I am truly njoying the fun rides with this hoverboard.

The other good thing about this hoverboard is that it is not too bulk. It is small and compact and you can just pick up it and carry along with you anywhere you want to. I would definitely recommend this product to others who are looking at a quality, safe and durable hoverboard at reasonable prices.

Testimonial 4: Coolest hoverboard ever!!!

I received this hover board two weeks back and I am totally fascinated by its nice look from the very first sight. I wanted a hover board that comes with quality, classy appearances, good power backup and functionality. And trust me after using it for last two weeks I realized I could not have got a better product that this.

The quality of the board is very premium made and size is quite compact than the other bulky and huge hover boards. Even the weight is pretty light which make it easier to carry around. The power is unbeatable. It takes up to 1.5 hours to charge it fully which is giving me a ride time of an average of 18 kms.

The functionality is also supreme. I was able to connect my phone with the hoverboard through Bluetooth and play any music of my choice on the board. Also, the app control is user-friendly which helps in setting the driving force, speed, colours of the light and other effects. Even the flash lights are pretty cool especially during night time, it helps you have a good vision.

So far, I am very much satisfied by my purchase.

Testimonial 5: Best gift ever!!!

I gifted this hoverboard to my 12 year old son on his birthday and he was pretty excited about it. It took him few days to get accustomed to the balance on the hoverboard and gradually he became used to oi. The self-balancing feature of the board is impressive and get activated as soon as you put your weight on the board. He took his first ride in the park and was quite easily able to manage the speed and momentum of the board through the app.

The board run silently and does not make much noise. He got hold of the control and was able to accelerate, slow down and balance effortlessly. The design of the hover board is elegant and has been solidly built. The battery life is fine and run almost 15 kms on the single charge.

The aluminium base is sturdy and was easily able to hold my weight (185 lbs) too. I was able to cruise around swiftly without any issues.

I made a good decision to buy this hoverboard for my son. I could not have given him a better gift than this,