Beginner’s Guide To Learning How To Ride A Hoverboard

Beginner’s Guide To Learning How To Ride A Hoverboard

You’ve got a brand new hoverboard from Australia Hoverboards but are scared to take the first step…Do you want to know how to ride a hoverboard or a self- balancing scooter without tripping off?

Your first ride on the hoverboard

Before you mount your hoverboard, you must make sure that the hoverboard is fully charged. Besides this, you must also ensure that you are wearing the proper safety gear. These include a helmet, kneepads and elbow protectors, wrist guard and a tailbone protector. These safety measures are essential because the hoverboard is capable of travelling at 10km per hour and you might take a tumble, especially if it is your first time riding a hoverboard.

Placing the hoverboard

You need to orient the hoverboard in such a manner that it is right in front of your toes. A lot of people wonder if the lights on the hoverboard should be in the front or the back. Well, it does not really matter but if you are riding in the dark then it makes sense to have the lights in the front so that cars and pedestrians can see you and thus avert an accident. So use your common sense when you are on the hoverboard.

Getting started

After you have placed your hoverboard in the correct manner in front of you, place your dominant foot on the hoverboard first. If you are wondering which your dominant foot is, it is your right foot if you happen to be right handed and obviously your left foot if you are left handed. While you do this, make sure that your foot is extremely close to the wheel. Try to keep the foot blades level with the ground. Also, there must be a good amount of space between your two feet. Don’t think too much about falling. If you do you are going to lose confidence and fall. Simply think how you would climb stairs and get up on your hoverboard in the same manner.

Do not panic, there is going to be a little wobbling and you should mentally prepare yourself for that. If you look down, you will get nervous. Try and relax, stand in a stationary position and don’t think about moving or anything until you have got rid of those jittery feelings.

You may watch this video for a better understanding:

Moving forward

The next step is to get you moving. You will be required to lean slightly and also gently shift your weight by pivoting your ankles up and down. Be aware of your surroundings and while leaning is required to generate motion, you must not lean too far or you will fall off the hoverboard. Lean forward and slightly shift your weight and the hoverboard will move in the forward direction. All you need to do is focus on where you want to go and you will find that your body follows your thoughts.


After you are comfortable with moving forward and backward, you are ready to learn how to turn left and right. For this you need to twist your foot which is in the opposite side of the turn. For example if you need to turn right, then push your left toes in the forward direction. For turning left, push with your right toe on the hoverboard foot pedal. You will find that turning comes naturally to you as you get more comfortable with the hoverboard and you will be better equipped to control your hoverboard.

After you have mastered the basic turn, you can go for executing sharper turns by pushing down with the other foot as well. After this, you will need to learn how to move backwards too.

Moving backward

For moving backward, stand with your feet apart on the hoverboard. Shift your weight slightly backward and press down with your heels on the hoverboard. The hoverboard will start moving backward, just ensure there are no obstacles that you might hit and fall.

The final steps

After you have perfected going forward, going backward, and executing turns in either direction, along with sharp turns, you are advised to do laps. For doing that you need to practice turning in one direction only until you are familiar with the movement. After getting the hang of that try doing the first lap in one direction and the second lap in the opposite direction. You will find that you are quickly mastering the nitty-gritties of riding a hoverboard.

Stepping off the hoverboard

You have learned how to step on a hoverboard, go forward, backward and also make turns, but you need to know how to get off the hoverboard. To do this you need to shift your weight from the non-dominant foot to the dominant foot. After this just step off with the non-dominant foot. Do not attempt to jump off the hoverboard in the early days as you could lose your balance and fall as well as the hoverboard which might get damaged. Stepping off a hoverboard is tougher than it looks and you will need a fair bit of practice before you can nail it.

Some tips for beginners

  • Ask for help when you need it. If you can’t balance by yourself then furniture, walls or even a friend can be called upon for balance.
  • Always practice indoors. The street is not a safe place for a hoverboard newbie.
  • Young people can master the ride in half an hour, older people need more time.
  • There are bumps on the road. Avoid these bumps when out with your hoverboard.
  • Don’t play the hero and try stunts that you can’t pull off yet. You will end up hurting yourself and damaging the hoverboard.
  • Do not overcharge the hoverboard as this could lead to damaged and explosive batteries.
  • Always buy the hoverboard from a reputed company like Australian Hoverboards.

For more tips and tricks on riding hoverboards, you may watch this video:

We hope that after reading this all your doubts about riding a hoverboard will be cleared. Always practice well before you take to the streets with your swanky hoverboard. 

Still experiencing issues?

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