How To Properly Charge The Hoverboard?

How To Properly Charge The Hoverboard?

Hoverboards and self- balancing scooters have a magnetic pull on people even after years of first being introduced in the market. Irrespective of the fact that you already own a hoverboard or are considering buying a new one, you need to know how to charge a hoverboard properly.

When you receive your hoverboard, you need to plug in your hoverboard with the adapter to a wall socket. Our hoverboards typically take 2-3 hours to charge fully. If you are having trouble locating the plug, it will be next to the on/off button. Akin to charging your phone, plug one end into the board and the other end into the wall outlet. We recommend that you keep the hoverboard off while it is being charged. However if you want to observe the percentage of charge, you can have the hoverboard on while charging. Our hoverboards comes with added safety feature of overcharge protection. Once it is fully charged, the charging is automatically switched off to prevent accidents due to overcharging.

After the hoverboard has received full charge, it is time to take it out for a spin. On a full charge our hoverboards can go for 18-20 kilometers. So plan your journey accordingly so that you have sufficient charge on the way back home. If your hoverboard is running on low battery, the hoverboard LED will begin to twinkle. The beep sound is activated which will alert you to low charge. Eventually, if the battery charge is below 10%, hoverboard speed will be automatically reduced and finally will stop. So, you’ll never face an abrupt halt with our hoverboards.

After the battery dies you need to recharge it and just place it back on the charger, ensuring that you wait until a full charge is reached again.

All batteries eventually die however there are proactive things that you can do to get the most out of every charge. For example you should never allow your hoverboard to rest on a partial charge. Always try to keep your hoverboard on a full charge. If you are travelling to school or work on your hoverboard, carry the charger with you so that you can charge it while you work. If your hoverboard is stored in the loft for storage, you need to charge it once every three months to keep the battery from draining out.

Safety tips

  • You must change the charger every 6 months for safety reasons.
  • When the low battery indicator comes on, you should immediately get down from the hoverboard. Otherwise you are going to suffer a bad fall when the hoverboard stops suddenly. 
  • Before you charge the hoverboard always make sure that the plugin is dry. If the plugin is damp or wet, you will receive a shock from the wall outlet and may have to visit the emergency room. 
  • You should never ever charge the hoverboard if it is excessively hot or too cold. Extreme temperatures are not conducive to charging. Heat is created while charging and it could damage the battery and circuit board at extreme hot temperatures. If it is too cold, then also the same problem occurs. So desist from charging at too hot or cold temperatures. 

If you know how to charge the battery on the hoverboard properly, it will increase the longevity of the board and will give you pleasure every single time you step out with your hoverboard. Keep your battery charged to avail of the amazing transportation powers of the hoverboard to zip you across town at your command. 

Still experiencing issues?

If you’re still experiencing issues with your hoverboard, please do not worry. Click on the button on the right and submit a ticket from our contact us page and we’ll try our best to resolve your issues asap!