How To Resolve Issue – Hoverboard Is Not Turning Off

How To Resolve Issue – Hoverboard Is Not Turning Off

Is your hoverboard troubling you by not turning off? The hoverboard keeps beeping and the power switch is of no help in switching off the board. Don’t worry, this is a fixable problem and you can have the hoverboard back to normal within a few hours. Read on to find out how to resolve the issue. 

The first thing to do is to refrain from riding the hoverboard any further. If the hoverboard is behaving erratically, get off it and observe what is wrong. If the hoverboard is beeping continuously and not turning off you should take the hoverboard and keep it in the backyard or the garage to allow the board to drain its battery. This might take a while. After the battery is at zero percent the hoverboard will automatically turn off. Now all you need to do is to charge the hoverboard with the charger and the wall outlet for a period of 2-3 hours. After the hoverboard is fully charged, turn on the power switch and you will find that the hoverboard is functioning normally. 

In cases where the above troubleshooting tips are not producing the desired result, then you may have to go in for advanced troubleshooting. To stop the hoverboard from beeping you will need a head screwdriver.


  • First flip the hoverboard over on its head, after that locate the part of the hoverboard that has the charging port. 
  • Use a head screwdriver to unscrew the opposite side’s plastic cover at the bottom. 
  • You will be able to locate the battery pack which usually is black, silver or blue. 
  • You need to spot the wires coming from the battery pack and disconnect the orange-yellowish clip. 
  • This will mean that the battery has been disconnected and the hoverboard will stop beeping immediately. 


For a hoverboard that just does not stop beeping, you will have to bear with some advanced troubleshooting. If the battery is disengaged from the board, don’t plug it in from the place you just disconnected it from. The issue with your hoverboard may be because of a fault in the motherboard or an internal circuit error that is making the hoverboard stay on and not turn off. 

It is best to leave the repairs to the professionals. If your hoverboard is within warranty all you need to do is ship the faulty hoverboard to us and we will evaluate the fault and let you know the exact cause.

If the fault is not covered under the warranty, we will let you know the same and also give you an estimate of the repairs cost.  It is then up to you, if you want to go ahead with the repairs or you would like to go in for a new hoverboard.

Still experiencing issues?

If you’re still experiencing issues with your hoverboard, please do not worry. Click on the button on the right and submit a ticket from our contact us page and we’ll try our best to resolve your issues asap!