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Why Buy Wholesale Hoverboards Online with Us

The hoverboard has become a very popular device across the globe. Product sales showed no signs of slowing down despite the initial controversial hiccups.  This gave birth to a lot of manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. However, only a few can produce high-quality hoverboards and provide great service. Australia [...]

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List of Hoverboard Safety Gear for the Kids

The hoverboard is a very popular physical activity. It has attracted people of different backgrounds, sizes, and ages. Although really fun, riding it also comes with risks the same way one would ride a bicycle, scooter, or skateboard.  Children can be most susceptible to these risks because of their personalities [...]


Hoverboard Safety Tips: Things You Shouldn’t Do

Having way too much fun with your hoverboard? We can’t blame you.  It’s probably the most accessible device that allows you to feel as if you are “floating” off the ground.  Too much fun, however, often leads to forgetting limitations momentarily, in this case, forgetting what your hoverboard is only [...]


Buy a Hoverboard Online and Pay Later with Afterpay

Is there a hoverboard that you have been eyeing? Have you been trying to save for one? Perhaps, you’d like a more flexible way of paying? Buying your dream hoverboard is made easier and lighter with Afterpay. No need to break the bank! How It Works It is easy to buy a [...]


Where can I ride my hoverboard in Australia?

You’ve finally learned how to ride the hoverboard in the comfort of your home. What’s next? The idea of going on an adventure a la Marty McFly begins to take shape. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as one-two-three. The use of hoverboards in public places is actually being regulated by lawmakers. It’s [...]