Your safety is our priority

The Ministry of Small Business introduced a mandatory standard under the Australian Consumer Law to make sure that self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards are safe for consumer use.

At Australia Hoverboard, we give utmost respect to the safety of yourself and your loved one. All our Hoverboards, Segways, and Self-balancing scooters are 100% safe and approved in Australian testing laboratories. A brief description of safety guarantee is given below.

Australian Safety Standards compliant

All of our products are compliant with Australian Safety Standards. Our products have been tested in extreme conditions to ensure toughness. Our packaging labels carry all the information that a user would require, along with minimum and maximum weight warnings.

Complying with Australian Safety Standards, and already mentioned earlier, Australia Hoverboards only uses certified lithium-ion batteries of the highest grade to ensure that you have a glitch free experience. Not only are these batteries safe from risk of fire hazards, they are also extremely reliable.

Certified Batteries

All self-balancing scooters and other products by Australia Hoverboards use standard lithium-ion batteries to deliver power. As stated previously, faulty and substandard lithium-ion batteries have been responsible for both fire and smoke in some cases. This means that to reduce the risk of fire, smoke, and other safety hazards, only the best quality lithium-ion batteries should be used.

Australia Hoverboards uses only the best quality lithium-ion batteries which are certified by the relevant governing body. These batteries are long lasting and do not discharge prematurely. Apart from this, the use of certified lithium-ion batteries significantly reduces the fire & safety hazard to the consumer, which could lead to injury and in some cases, death.

One-year conditional warranty

All products of Australia Hoverboards come with a standard one-year warranty. The one-year warranty covers the components of the main operating board, while all other parts have a six-month warranty.

Our products have the conditional warranty, meaning that damages caused after the delivery of the item will not be taken into consideration. The customer will be required to click pictures and write a brief description describing the exact problem with the hoverboard. Our experts will analyze all the problems with the board to determine the viability of your claim. The return shipping charges will have to be borne by the customer.

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A study investigation found that defective electrical circuitry and usage of substandard Li-ion batteries could lead to short circuits, and was therefore a potential fire hazard. There have been numerous incidents of self-balancing scooters producing sparks or smoke, or both in some cases.

Australia Hoverboards’ products are completely safe, and binding to Australian Safety Standards. We fully understand that safety may turn out to be a concern with the kind of products we offer. In fact, there have probably been reports of safety actually being a worrying factor, especially when it comes to products like hoverboards. And this is precisely why you need to be completely sure that you’re shopping from a reliable supplier. Due to the nature of the products, a compromise on quality or other important factors may mean a significant threat to your safety.

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