Off Road Hoverboard



Want to enjoy the thrill of riding on a hoverboard with really big tyres? Then you are in for a great surprise here as Australia Hoverboard has exactly that for you in the form of the off-road wheel hoverboards. These are self-balancing scooters with what we call monster tyres on their wheels that are bulkier than any other ones that we produce. So these scooters are truly one of their kinds and buying them will be a unique choice that will set you apart from other hoverboard lovers who normally go for the average ones.

When seen from a distance the thick tyres give the impression of a bigger vehicle approaching. These tyres are made of durable rubber and are shock absorbent. They have alloy rims and are safe to be used on all types of surfaces and weather conditions. The wider 8.5 inches wheel and the strong tyres offer a much stable support to the scooter. Needless to say, this is a great choice for those who are seeking a more stable, safer self balancing scooter.

The powerful motor comes with premium battery and high-speed CPU, a combination that makes these scooters a powerhouse on wheels. Great for going short or long distance without having to charge them every now and then you have the peace of mind that you can safely keep on riding till you reach 20 km. The UL certified charger is of excellent quality.

You get Bluetooth facility with speakers and remote control, certainly a boon for music lovers. Best for new learners, as well as safety-conscious people the off road wheel hoverboards, are available in plain black, camouflage blue and camouflage grey.

Now is the time to get hold of these superbly sturdy smart scooters, and ride on the road with confidence.