10 Inch Hoverboards



Presenting the all-new 10 inch hoverboards from Australia Hoverboards! These nifty gizmos offer the pleasure of an unforgettable ride and you can explore the streets of your city on them. Available in a range of riotous colors you can take your pick from multi-color, hip hop, spider graffiti, flame-colored and even the classic black color.

You are guaranteed to make heads turn with your choice of 10 inch hoverboards and will be the center of attention with your trusted transport sidekick. Sleek and ubiquitous, the 10-inch hoverboard is meant for older kids and adults as it can carry a weight of up to 120 kgs.

Masterfully styled to offer the ultimate riding experience, the 10 inch hoverboards are the way to go! No longer will you have to trudge distances on foot, your trusted 10-inch hoverboard takes the pain out of travel with a single charge on its batteries enough to take you up to distances of 15 km.  

The Lamborghini styled hoverboards are a treat to the eyes with their flashy and attractive design. You can notch speeds of up to 10 kilometers per hour on these little beauties. The 10 inch hoverboards are controlled by fast chipsets which emit a warning signal if you happen to cross the permissible speed limit in your enthusiasm.

These 10 inch hoverboards are completely safe for use and are the preferred choice of transport for many. Having a broad and stable base, they go easy on the knees and spine and you will not feel any stress or tension when you embark on a session on them.

The 10 inch hoverboard is meant for transport on paved surfaces and the rugged wheels do a great job at ferrying you from one pace to the other. Take your pick from our amazing collection and sign up for the ride of a lifetime.