Q. Are Segway scooters and hoverboards banned?

The permanent ban only affects those sellers who don’t meet the requisite safety standards. However, there is no effect of such a ban on owning a hoverboard. Effectively, you can own and operate your own hoverboard without any worries of legal backlash.

Q. How safe are these hoverboards?

Australia Hoverboards are pretty safe to use. In fact, there are laws in place which bans sellers who don’t meet safety requirements. All products sold by Australia Hoverboards are fully compliant with safety norms, and legal. All hoverboards sold by Australia Hoverboards are tested for safety standards, and have passed Australian Safety Standards.

Q. How easy are these hoverboards to ride?

Hoverboards are pretty simple to ride. It takes about an hour for the user to get fully comfortable with the functionality of the product. Our hoverboards feel like self-balancing boards. Once you get used to them, riding a hoverboard is as simple as riding a bicycle.

Q. How easy is it to learn how to ride one?

Of course, the time that one takes to learn to ride a hoverboard differs from person to person. However, on an average, users take up to 5 minutes to stand comfortably on the board. Add another 30-45 minutes to master the movements on the board. For you to practice, it is recommended that you use a flat carpet, in a room with lots of open space and no objects with sharp corners. Once you’re comfortable with riding on a flat carpet, you should gradually shift to hardwood floors, etc. Basically, the average user can learn how to safely ride a hoverboard within an hour or two.

Q. Wet weather?

The hoverboard is water resistant, but to an extent. It is IP54 rated, declaring it fit for use with light splashes of water and a decent amount of dust. However, it is recommended that you don’t ride your hoverboard in puddles, and in rigorous wet weather.

Q. Common battery related queries:

The battery in our hoverboards takes about 2-3 hours to charge fully. This translates to power for about 18-20 kilometres of riding, depending on how you’re riding the hoverboard. It is recommended that you don’t charge the hoverboard for more than three hours, as it can have an adverse effect on the battery.

Q. How safe is it for children?

Our hoverboards are highly safe for children with a weight of over 25 kgs. This lower limit has been fixed to ensure that the system effectively self-balances itself. Australia Hoverboards are to be rode by adults. If you’re below the age of 16, it is recommended that you ride your hoverboard under adult supervision. As for kids under the age of 10, Australia Hoverboards has a lot of products in the kid’s variety.

Q. Can I ride the hoverboard on an incline?

Yes, our hoverboards can be driven uphill, on an incline. The mechanism involved allows you to manoeuvre inclines without any extra efforts on your behalf. Not only does it let you climb up an incline comfortably, hoverboards by Australia Hoverboards also let you control the speed of your decline.

Q. How does it absorb shocks? Is there any suspension mechanism involved?

There is no suspension mechanism involved whatsoever. However, the wheels of our hoverboards are strong. Our hoverboards can handle bumps, cracks, and other irregularities of the road, from ½-1 inch. As you become more proficient with the hoverboard, you will realize that your knees effectively act as a suspension system. Therefore, you will start bending your knees on the basis of your surroundings.

Q. Payment and Shipping

Australia Hoverboards accepts credit cards, as well as DBT (Direct Bank Transfer) as valid modes of payment. It is to be noted that the buyer has to make the payment in full before the shipping process begins. There may also be a identification check, based on the situation. Australia Hoverboards delivers free all across Australia, with an average shipping time of 3-5 days.

Q. What is the return policy on these products?

Hoverboards sold by Australia Hoverboard cannot be returned unless the problem is proven. For this, we ask the customer to send us pictures and a detailed write up describing the problem. All of this is analysed to assess the viability of the claim. If the product you’ve received isn’t the exact one as described, a full refund will be made, or the buyer will be given an option to exchange the product. It is to be noted that in all case, the buyer pays for return shipping. Damage to the board after purchase is not a viable claim, and will not be entertained. Australia Hoverboards also provides a one-year warranty on the main logic board, while six months warranty on all other parts

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