At Australia Hoverboards, we care immensely about user experience. All our products are self-intuitive to use, and are incredibly safe. However, there can be a few issues due to man-made and mechanical errors. Before self-troubleshooting at home, the most important thing you should notice is whether the hoverboard was in contact with water or any other liquids.

Here are some of the most common troubleshooting tips:

  1. I hear continuous vibration when riding the hoverboard. How do I stop it? Ideally, your hoverboard shouldn’t vibrate at all. It is to be noted that the minimum weight requirement for riding the hoverboard is 25 kgs. To stop vibrations, you must ensure that your feet are firmly placed and correctly positioned on the pressure pads. You should also bend your knees a little to regulate pressure properly.
  2. How do I know that my hoverboard is charging? To charge the hoverboard, you must plug in the charger into a wall socket, and then connect it to your hoverboard. On connection with the power outlet, you will notice a small green light on the charger. On the battery of the hoverboard, you will notice a small red colored light. This means that the hoverboard is charging. Let the board charge for a couple of hours. Once the battery if fully charged, the color of the light will change from red to green.
  3. There is continuous beeping, and flashing of red lights. What do I do? Continuous beeping and flashing of red lights on your hoverboard indicate sudden, unexpected dismounting. It means that you either fell off the hoverboard or jumped. Either way, it leads to a disturbance in the sensors of the hoverboard, which is announced by the continuous beeping and flashing of lights. Resetting your hoverboard will do the trick, and stop the continuous beeping sound. Continuous beeping can also be a result of activation of the speed alarm. Our products are programmed to promote safe riding, and a speed alarm gets activated if the hoverboard is driven at speeds higher than 10 kmph. If you hear continuous beeping, it means you need to slow down a little.
  4. My hoverboard isn’t turning ON. What do I do? The first thing you should do when your hoverboard isn’t turning on, is check the battery level of the hoverboard. Make sure that your hoverboard is fully charged, and press the power button. If it beeps, it means that your hoverboard has been switched on.

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