Australia Hoverboards offers top of the line hoverboard accessories to give you a seamless, hasslefree enjoyable hoverboard journey!

Our hoverboard handles for the 6.5 in10-inch 10 inch hoverboards will help in making you feel at ease on your new set of wheels.  The sleek, stylish handlebars attach and detach without a fuss to give you better support and balance when learning to ride. Enjoy extra control, better posture and ease of riding your fancy gizmo also add a place to rest your hands during the ride.

Chargers are an inevitable part of hoverboard and so is the safety! If you are looking to charge your hoverboard efficiently, look no further than Australia Hoverboard. We provide JAZ-ANZ 10 amp Australia certified battery chargers that take a mere 2-3 hours to juice up your zany ride. The chargers are tested and trusted by hoverboard owners as the real deal.

Safety first...that’s our motto and it should be yours too...Protect yourself with safety gears when riding your hoverboard. We have helmets, elbow guards and knee guards in different colors so that you can match them to the color and style of your hoverboard.

When you complete your ride, you need a contraption to store your hoverboard till later use. For storage purposes, we offer a strong and sturdy carry bag that can easily house your hoverboard, along with the battery charger, the handlebar as well as your safety gear.

Look no further than us for all your hoverboard accessories. We sell the accessories at a competitive and reasonable cost. Once you choose us , you will not be disappointed at all.