Bluetooth Hoverboards

Why Hoverboards With Bluetooth Speakers Are A Must Have?

Taking the ultimate decision of which one should you go with can be confusing at times, but one can never go wrong with hoverboards that support Bluetooth. Using hoverboards, you can move either fast or slow in a seamless way, as they allow the rider to efficiently manage the accelerations and speed. In addition to being safe and comfortable, they have taken your ride to a whole new level of enjoyment with the incorporation Bluetooth technology.

What Does Bluetooth Feature in Hoverboard Do?

Hoverboards embedded with Bluetooth appear just like the usual hoverboards, except they contain a pair of speakers and a receiver module. The Bluetooth tends to switch on when the smart scooter is turned on and signal stays discoverable until you have connected the board to a phone or Bluetooth compatible device.

But, how exactly should you pair the Bluetooth hoverboard to your device? For doing this, there are only five simple steps that you must follow and these are:

  • Step 1: Switch the hoverboard ON and wait for a beep sound (this is mostly seen in case of hoverboards with Bluetooth, if there is no sound then the model does not hold bluetooth)
  • Step 2: After the sound is produced by the hoverboard, open the settings section in your phone
  • Step 3: Scroll to the Bluetooth Settings and then wait until the visible device list has been populated.
  • Step 4: When you are able to see the list of bluetooth signals, connect with the one that belongs to the hoverboard. Another sound will be produced by the board immediately after a successful connection.
  • Step 5: For playing music just open up a music app and play any song of your choice.

To get grooving onto the beats of your favorite song while riding a hoverboard, there cannot be a better option than choosing Bluetooth capable smart scooters.

How Hoverboards With Bluetooth Can Make The Difference?

Imagine it’s a busy day and you decided to take a hoverboard ride to your workplace. On your way, you feel something is missing, well some good music? By using hoverboards with bluetooth speakers you get to carry your music everywhere where you move with the board. Be it commuting to schools, a relaxing trip to the park or simply moving to the workplace, your music will be in your hands, only when you have a bluetooth enabled hoverboard for the rescue. However, selecting almost any model supporting bluetooth will never reap the benefits that you are looking for. Rather, make it a point that you buy bluetooth hoverboards from a prestigious supplier. Australia Hoverboard is a leading online hoverboard store, where all the boards come with superior bluetooth technology. Just compare the specifications and choose the one that meets the requirements that you have.

The Best Bluetooth Hoverboards in Australia

Australia Hoverboard offers the largest collection of bluetooth capable hoverboards in diverse price ranges. If you are planning to buy a 6.5 inch model to kickstart your hoverboarding journey then the Smart Electric Self Balancing Scooter-Gold would be a good option- its affordable, can travel at a maximum speed of 12kms/hr and comes with a free carry bag too. On the other hand, for seasoned professionals, the robust Hoverboard Spider 10.5inch Carbon Black does the trick. It has exceptional specifications, can take a load capacity of 120kg and the best part is that it comes in a signature black colour.

Not only in terms of experience, you can choose the best hoverboards according to the designs, shades and style too. For example, those who want to give a quirky take to their hoverboarding ride should consider the well-thought graffiti collection of Australia Hoverboards. The Smart self-balancing 8inch graffiti scooter design is inspired from the exquisite graffiti works which are a blend of skill and colours.

Every bluetooth hoverboard that you buy from Australia Hoverboards is backed by warranty for a period of 1 year (12 months). In addition to the major components of the board, this warranty is applicable on the bluetooth too, so that you can shop for the best with a peace of mind.

Hoverboarding is Incomplete Without Bluetooth Hoverboards

When riding at a high speed to set your spirits free, you do need great music that connects with your mind and soul. Something that lets you embrace the beauty of hoverboarding and relives your stress too and music in hoverboard is synonymous to bluetooth. Today, this technology is no more an additional feature, rather an integral part of the board that forms of the core of a great hoverboarding experience that you want to cherish.

All set to buy hoverboards with Bluetooth? Explore the largest collection of advanced bluetooth capable rideable only at Australia Hoverboard and shop for the best match.