Red Hoverboards



This exclusive range of bright and red-hot colored hoverboards is among our most popular and best-selling one that sell like hotcakes in every season. These ravishing red beauties are attractive not only due to their flamboyant colour but also due to their immaculately sophisticated design and the astonishing engineering craftsmanship that is visible in every inch of these amazing models. When you set your eyes on one of these red hotties, all you can say is WOW and you will find it almost impossible to resist the temptation of buying one of them to make them part of your proud possessions.

These red roadies come in many forms, sizes, shapes and shades of red. You have the 6.5 electric scooter that is the brightest of them all in terms of the shade of the red colour they flaunt. One of the Lamborghini models has a slightly darker red or maroon shade while another type of Lamborghini has a black and red combination with it’s the whole body mainly black except the footboards that are bright red. So you have a nice choice to select your favorite shade of red and design.

Like all of the best hoverboards by our company these red colored techno-marvels are amazing performers on wheels with powerful 29V Samsung lithium-ion battery and a CPU that drives the intelligent scooter to its full potential. The capability of responsive acceleration, reversing and turning adds to their superlative performance and turns them into true-blue smart riders on any types of roads.

They can accelerate to the speed of 10 to 12 km/hr depending on which model you are riding. The alarm system is set to alert you if you go beyond 12 km/hr which is good for your safety.

So if flamboyant is your style then it’s time to hop onto one of these red colour hoverboards.