Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


This website & its content is managed and published by Australia Hoverboards, which is a registered business name of Ausifuturetech Australia Pty Ltd. ACN:625 316 618 registered in Victoria, Australia. By using this website, and purchasing products from the website you abide by the terms and conditions as well as Warranty & return policy laid out by Australia Hoverboards. All the contents on the website (including but not limited to images, videos, links, media, product descriptions, and creatives) is protected by the copyright law under the Laws of Australia and may not be used without written permission.


The Website also contains certain third party content including but not limited to hyperlinks that redirect to the third party site. Australia Hoverboards is not responsible and does not endorse the content of any such website. Third party content is used for information purpose only.


Australia Hoverboards may choose to amend the terms & conditions & warranty policy at any time without any prior notice.


We understand your privacy and will never disclose your information to third parties.


Hoverboard Australia manages and controls the website from its offices in Australia and is thus governed by the Victorian Law. You agree to be responsible for compliance with your local laws if you are accessing the website from outside of Australia.



Along with the above terms and conditions that exist, you are acknowledging to an agreement that is formed between you as a customer and AUSTRALIA HOVERBOARDS as a business during purchase. Every new purchase sets off a new agreement.

Customer Application:

While making customers account online, you acknowledge the terms and conditions of the website and guarantee that the details you provide are correct to your knowledge.


We take all care and responsibilities to make sure that products and inventory are up to date all the time, however, we possess all right to cancel or reject your order on the following basis:

  • We may cancel the order in case of non-availability of stock.
  • We may cancel the order in case of natural calamities preventing us to ship the product.
  • We may cancel the order if we feel that the transaction is fraudulent.
  • We may cancel the order if the delivery address is not reachable by any logistics service providers.
  • We may ask you to pay extra for shipping if your delivery address is remote and difficult to reach.


  • We use third-party payment service providers on our website to make your transactions smooth & easy. We use CBA secure payment gateway, PayPal & AfterPay as our main payment gateway providers. We take no responsibility of unsuccessful transactions due to unavailability or issues on third-party provider’s websites.
  • We have no control over how your financial data are handled by third-party payment websites and we take no responsibility for data collected and handled by Payment Gateway Providers.
  • By Shopping with Australia Hoverboards, you confirm that the transactions and details provided by you are true & correct. You must not use Credit Cards of third party without their permission otherwise it will be regarded as Fraudulent transactions and we may choose to cancel the transactions immediately.


Prices are subject to change at any time without any prior notice.


Express Shipping does not guarantee the product delivery within 1 or 2 days, there are external factors involved which may cause a delay in transit. Express Delivery option on the website means that we will use Australia Post ‘s express shipping option which 90% of the time delivers the shipment the next day – however, neither Australia Post or Australia Hoverboards take any guarantee of the next day delivery.

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