How to choose the best hoverboard for your need?

choose right hoverboard for you

How to choose the best hoverboard for your need?

Buying a hoverboard for yourself or for someone else is a great move. Hoverboards come in many different sizes and variants, hence it is very important to choose the hoverboard with all factors in mind. Here are the things you need to consider while selecting the best hoverboard for your needs.

  • Price

Naturally, the price of the hoverboard is one of the most relevant areas of concern. Hoverboards are produced nowadays without an individual company owning the patent, and this makes the price of the hoverboards comparatively lower. The price is driven down and you are ensured of a product that is a high-quality one and which performs to the best of expectations. Prices can fluctuate, so you need to keep your eyes open in order to select the best features possible on the hoverboard that you are gunning for. However, going cheap is also not a very good option. You should stick to the middle of the road prices with best available functions and features.

  • Safety

When hoverboards first released, they got some bad press. There were reports that they would catch fire and explode, and this naturally made people apprehensive about buying them. These problems were real problems but they were largely due to counterfeit batteries being used by budget manufacturers in China. In order to avoid this problem, you should only buy hoverboards that are tried and tested in labs and whose batteries are vouched for. This also means that you have to pay a little extra for the hoverboard but that is fine as long as your peace of mind is guaranteed.

  • Size of the hoverboard and weight carried

Weight is one of the most frequently asked questions as regarding how much the hoverboard can carry. Parents of children worry about the minimum weight that can be safely carried and adults ask about the maximum weight that the hoverboard can comfortably carry. For a majority of hoverboards, the minimum weight is 40 kilos and the maximum weight carried is 100 kilos. Hoverboards also come in a variety of sizes. With the smaller boards, the wheels are of 6.5 inches, larger models can have 10-inch wheels.  Contrary to expectations, the size of the wheel does not affect the weight handled; it is a matter of personal preference only.

  • Uses

You should note that the vast majority of hoverboards are designed to be operative only on very flat surfaces. The exceptions are off-road hoverboards that can be used on inclines up to 15 degrees. They also have inflatable wheels instead of the regular solid wheels on mot hoverboards. Choose your hoverboard based on where you want to use it.

  • Reviews

Before you fork out the cash to buy a hoverboard, it makes sense to go online to read the reviews for each particular brand. Considering that they can cost a significant amount of money, you should know which brands are better and how they fare on standardized tests.

If you keep the above factors in mind while purchasing a hoverboard or an electric scooter, you can rest assured that you will find the best deal in town. Buying a hoverboard is quite an investment and it makes sense to know what you want and are looking for, at Australia Hoverboards we have made the process of buying hoverboards easy for everyone!