List of Hoverboard Safety Gear for the Kids

safety gear for hoverboard

List of Hoverboard Safety Gear for the Kids

The hoverboard is a very popular physical activity. It has attracted people of different backgrounds, sizes, and ages. Although really fun, riding it also comes with risks the same way one would ride a bicycle, scooter, or skateboard. 

Children can be most susceptible to these risks because of their personalities and how their bodies are still developing. Fortunately, wearing the proper safety gear will help lessen accidents and injuries. 

Here is a list of safety gear that you can prepare for your kids before they hop on the hoverboard:


Wearing a helmet lessens the impact of head injury, which is a common accident among riders and sports enthusiasts. However, the appropriate type of helmet must be worn for maximum protection. 

For instance, the National Football League players wear helmets that are lighter in weight yet strong enough to absorb force.  This lessens the possibility of developing head concussion, especially when their helmets bump into each other. Motorcyle riders can opt for a helmet specific to their travel purpose. 

A full-face helmet offers the most coverage and can be worn by any type of motorcycle rider.  An open-face helmet is suitable for adventurers who want to feel the breeze on their skin. 

Kids who ride the hoverboard can use helmets similar to those worn by skaters and bikers. This type of helmet has a tough outer shell and soft inner lining for protection and shock absorption. It also comes with vents to keep the head cool and an adustable strap for proper fitting. 


It is inevitable to incur injuries from riding the hoverboard especially when kids are involved. Fortunately, protective pads can lessen the impact of accidents. 

Kids can use them to protect body parts such as elbows, knees, and wrists from fractures, sprains, cuts, and scrapes. The pads should fit perfectly and not restrict the wearer’s movements. Otherwise, the wrong size of pads can cause or even worsen an injury.


Parents are not aware that many children lose a tooth or three each year due to kids’ sports. It has been established that these same children do not wear mouthguards. 

Fortunately, parents can protect their kids from oral injuries from the hoverboard through this safety gear. Their kids will thank them later.

Lights and Visibility Gear

Protecting kids from injuries is just as important as making sure they are visible to other people. This lessens collision accidents. 

Parents can opt for LED safety lights that children can attach to their hoverboards, shoes, or even wrists. This is especially beneficial for children whose hoverboards have no built-in light. 

To enhance their visibility even further, parents can also make their kids wear high-visibility clothing. These are luminescent and makes the wearer stand out from any background.

These are the essential safety gear for young hoverboard enthusiasts. Some will hesitate when spending for these gear, but a child’s welfare must always come first. Parents who want to go a step further can also do their own research and see what will benefit their kids.